Efficacy of LinkedIn as a B2B Marketing platform

The question ‘Whether we should opt LinkedIn?’ is no more relevant in 2021 where it has become the fastest growing business community platform. A professional without a LinkedIn profile is obsolete as networking opportunities decline and the growth diminishes in this vast connected world.  A large share of social media traffic today goes exclusively via LinkedIn. It is not limited to hiring’s and recruitments anymore, but overall LinkedIn is seen as a carrier of business opportunities with a holistic approach. Business leaders and professionals create and share content useful for community growth.

 “LinkedIn is all about business. The mindset and intent are naturally more receptive to solving business problems.” Brian Clark

LinkedIn, the most promising platform used by B2B businesses with almost 97% of market share in that area, is the most reliable platform with more than 500 million members and 67 million senior-level influencers and growing as we speak. Hence, quite naturally it becomes the most preferred choice for most of the B2B business community in the world. As per latest surveys it seems almost 78 per cent of the B2B marketers prefer LinkedIn as one of their most favourable platforms for business communication, brand positioning and network building.

In this blog, we will discuss the efficiency of LinkedIn as a platform for B2B marketers. Below are some major reasons explaining the efficacy of the platform:

Clear Context and Purpose: Since more than 45% of the global corporate leadership teams or C-Suite executives are on LinkedIn and they primarily exist to build their professional networks on LinkedIn as the very nature of the platform is professional unlike other social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

The LinkedIn toolkit: LinkedIn features are designed exclusively for B2B marketers. For example, the ability to use your curated data such as a list of emails to match profiles of various people plus it gives you the reach to the right kind of audience with its super effective searches and filters.

The LinkedIn community feature: This I believe is one of the most useful features on LinkedIn, creating a community with like-minded people helping each other sell the services or advertise products to a target audience worthy of it. Many people take advantage of this community to help each other in different aspects and grow.

Easy Lead Generation: Eventually lead generation is the end goal for any B2B marketer by using social media or otherwise. LinkedIn provides excellent features such as targeting the right audience and being able to reach them directly. It helps B2B marketers to not only generate the leads but also share a value addition to different businesses by their products and services.

Testimonials and endorsements: Every social media run on word of mouth and hence testimonials and endorsements are a means to provide feedback on LinkedIn.

Some Key Takeaways

  • LinkedIn provides relevancy and context as the customer is already in the business mindset.
  • Provides precise targeting options for advertisers.
  • The right platform where we can leverage our own employees.

LinkedIn is a transparent platform powerful enough to showcase the strengths of B2B marketers. This helps them in new client acquisitions and expanding business with the existing customer base. Just a word of caution, as LinkedIn is built primarily for networking purposes, therefore hard selling usually doesn’t do any good to a brand or an individual, so use the platform as per its nature and be professional respecting other’s time and attention to be successful, in any of your endeavours within the LinkedIn community.

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