The Modern Rules of Small Business Marketing

Ask any small business owner about his biggest difficulty in running a business and his response will probably be how to reach his target customers efficiently and effectively. It is a well-known fact that without effective marketing, the chances of a business failing increases considerably. Even for a small business, notwithstanding a great product or service, if the company is not able to harness the entire arsenal of small business marketing tools at its disposal to target its consumers, the product is doomed to fail. Small business owners, for example in Mumbai, hiring a marketing consultant could help them stand apart and pay rich dividends in their business growth journey!

“Integrated marketing offers opportunities to break through to consumers in new markets.”Betsy Holden

Definition of Small businesses or SMBs:

Typically, a small business is referred to any company that operates on a limited scale involving low capital investment, fewer employees and machinery and is within a small geographical area.

Why marketing is essential for every SMB?

For any small business, the key is to find innovative ways to market the business in the limited budget that is available. In a cluttered business environment like Mumbai for example, a good option to consider would be a marketing consultant in Mumbai, who will bring the relevant expertise in small business marketing but won’t be a fixed expense.

Ways to initiate Small Business Marketing:

A lack of budgets can sometimes be the best motivator to come up with innovative marketing campaigns. Some alternative marketing strategies that a marketing consultant might suggest have been mentioned below:

  • Establish Credibility: With so many businesses vying for attention in crowded metros like Mumbai for example, a marketing consultant in Mumbai will understand the importance of creating a niche and make the business credible in the minds of customers. Using the networking strength of a marketing consultant, is a good way to let potential customers get an inside look into the business.
  • Build a Relationship: While it may be tempting to just push products as much as possible, in the initial days, a marketing consultant will help a small business realise how important it is to build a relationship with the customer initially, be it online or offline.
  • Develop Discoverable Content: One of the first things a marketing consultant will recommend is to build up an online presence through SEO-strong content, a useful and attractive website and an active social media presence.

Role of Digital and Social Media in Small Business Marketing:

With increased competition, especially in cities like Mumbai, having an impactful online presence has become mandatory for every small business. Hiring a marketing consultant in Mumbai can be a boost to small businesses in the city.

Optimising and localising the business website as well as encouraging positive user reviews is important. Engagement with such reviews is vital too so that a lasting relationship is created.

Social media marketing refers to developing and sharing content on social media that achieve a company’s marketing goals. A strong social media presence makes companies more accessible and enables companies to offer real-time assistance to customers.

Why every SMB must hire at least a Marketing Consultant?

The importance of a marketing consultant in a small business marketing strategy can never be underestimated. They offer a blend of strategic overview of the marketing objectives even as they focus on the short-term goals and objectives.

It is easy for business owners to sometimes dismiss hiring a marketing consultant as an unnecessary expenditure, especially when the budgets are tight. But marketing consultants are a crucial cog in small business marketing as their strategic guidance helps small business owners define their business objectives and how to get there

Key Takeaways

  1. Marketing is essential for small businesses to build brand awareness over a period of time, which eventually improves recognition, builds trust and increases business value.
  2. Marketing generates enquiry for products and services offered by the small businesses, leading into more sales and hence business growth.
  3. Finally, marketing allows small businesses to stay relevant in the long run.

If you are a small business owner in Mumbai for example, a good way to kick things off would be to ask fellow business owners for recommendations on a marketing consultant in Mumbai. Reach out to your network or maybe even search for a marketing consultant in Mumbai online. Having a marketing consultant in Mumbai to navigate such a cluttered market will definitely help small businesses in the city get a unique perspective. When meeting with them, gauge how much they understand your business. More often than not the ones who ask the right questions and are able to see your business in a whole new way, are the most suited to help you take it to the next level.

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