Marketing Consultant

Our job is to make change. Our job is to connect to people, to interact with them in a way that leaves them better than we found them, more able to get where they’d like to go. Every time we waste that opportunity, every page or sentence that doesn’t do enough to advance the cause is waste.

Seth W Godin

Growth Driver

Growth Driver

Creating and managing a plan to attain sustainable, profitable growth with long–term business impact.

Innovation Catalyst

Innovation Catalyst

Bring breakthrough customer offerings by experimenting with new technology platforms, alternative media, new tools and techniques.

Brand Storyteller

Ideating and telling brand stories and inviting consumers to participate in the narrative

My Expertise


  • 01
    Brand Awareness

    Brand awareness is so important because it is the very first step in the marketing funnel, and a crucial foundation to eventually acquire customers.

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  • Marketing Communication
    Marketing & Corporate Communication

    Creating Marketing Communications to influence prospective customers/clients to purchase or to sign up for particular products or services is the overall objective.

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  • Reputation Building & Management
    Reputation Building & Management

    Effectively managing the online reputation of the company along with the promoters/founders, which eventually would build consumer trust, increase profits and attract talent using white – hat strategies.

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  • ROI Based Campaign Management
    ROI based Campaign Management

    ROI from marketing campaigns will be thought off right from the outset, and in a closed – door fashion. There would be primarily 3 focuses on terms of campaign performance…

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  • 05
    B2B Marketing

    According to IBEF, ‘The Indian E-commerce industry has been on an upward growth trajectory and is expected to surpass the US to become the second-largest e-commerce market…

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  • Digital & Social Media Marketing
    Digital and Social Media Marketing

    As Digital and Social Media marketing are synonymous to business growth in modern times, we would start by creating business objectives for Digital and Social Media marketing…

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  • Logistics Marketing

    The logistics sector of India, which emerged as a lifeline during the recent COVID pandemic, has been instrumental in not only keeping the essential supplies running but also performed remarkably in carrying out the massive task of vaccine supply chain.

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Srideep Sen

About Srideep

As one of the leading Marketing Consultants in Mumbai, Srideep’s journey has been one of persistence, observation, creativity, and exponential growth. With humble beginnings in the world of sales and marketing

Why Me?

I help individuals and corporates in achieving their desired marketing goals in terms of customer acquisition, ROI maximisation, customer retention, online reputation management and eventually creating long term business impact.

  • Almost two decades of industry experience with a ton of success stories.
  • Along with profits create short and long term impact for businesses.
  • Creating long term brand awareness and saliency.
  • Proven skills in B2B and B2C marketing communication.